Friday, April 26, 2013


Top: Forever 21
Skirt: La Vie Lente
Belt: Only
Lipstick: MAC - Pink Nouveau

I'm super stoked today. It finally feels like spring. We hit 18 degrees (Celsius) today! Now if only the wind would subside everything would be perfect.

I'm going to see Chubby Checker tomorrow night with my parents, and I'm pretty excited about that. Haaah I think it will be a lot of fun!

xo Raquel


Shannon Boyce said...

So cute! I'm glad that the spring weather has found your city! Have fun seeing him! My sister went to one of his shows last year and had a blast.

JennaStevie said...

That's so awesome that the weather's turned for you guys, it has here too and I'm sooo happy.
Love the jumping picture, you look so happy! And this skirt is wonderful :)

The Love Hanger said...

Chubby Checker is still doing music?? Haha! I'm glad it's feeling like spring there! That skirt is so cute and I love how your lipstick matches. As for maxi skirts, you totally should wear one! I love the pleated ones from American Apparel. And I always try to get them with elastic bands at the waist. It seems that some that are made with the zipper and hook/eye closure can create the "big hip" effect, even when they're not even tight! Hope you have a good weekend! <3


Stephanie Timmins said...

So cute, love the floral skirt!
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Marlen said...

hahah i'd totally spring for joy about the warm weather, too!! that first picture is adorable. and i LOVE your makeup- that lipstick was the perfect pop of summery color :D

xo Marlen
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