Thursday, April 18, 2013


Jeans: American Apparel Easy Jean in Indigo
Top: Zara
Jacket: ONLY
Necklace: Tonic
Shoes: Call it Spring
Bag: Zara Office City Bag
Lipstick: MAC Viva Glam Nicki

I'm starting school again in only a short 2.5 months, so I thought it was time I treated myself to a new bag, as the ones I had been toting around the university were getting slightly tattered. After much deliberation (and the sudden opening of shipping to Canada!) I decided to go with the Zara Office City Bag. I'm going to graphic design school right away, so it will be the perfect bag for me. It has a middle compartment that is padded, perfect for my 13-inch Macbook Pro. It also has a padded iPad case, which will come in handy, because we will not be using textbooks in school, as everything will be on an iPad for us. I'm so excited to start this new chapter.

I felt like I couldn't only order the bag, so I also ordered three basic Ts. This is my favourite one! I don't have much for polka dots in my wardrobe, so I'm glad I got this top.

I was in Saskatoon this past weekend (that's where I went to university, and spent 4.5 living there!) and I went straight to American Apparel for some new jeans! I decided I wanted some high-waisted jeans because my others were just too low. I love the way my disco pants and riding pants fit, that I thought they would be the perfect jeans for me. I was so excited to see that they were buy 2 get 1 half off... so of course I bought three pairs! I also got them in black and zinfandel.

The fit of them is similar, but still quite different from the riding pants and disco pants. I guess it would be most similar to the disco pants... The girl working though, suggested that I get them in a size smaller than my disco pants, as they will stretch out after wearing them. My riding pants are XL, my disco pants are L, and now I got all three pairs of the easy jean in M! I could barely breathe, but after wearing them for a day, I'm finding them perfect now! I'm glad I sized down, because the knees were pretty baggy on the L, and I hate baggy knees!

I hope everyone has had a great Thursday! Thanks for stopping by!

xo Raquel


Christine B. said...

Cute outfit! I really want one of those Zara bags. Your makeup and nail polish are very pretty as well :)

JennaStevie said...

This bag is absolutely PERFECT, I think I'm going to need to invest in one for when I go back to school. These pants are pretty awesome, I think I need to try out a pair, and that polka dot top is lovely

Trinnah said...

Great look, and I love the bag! It's the perfect color and a great size!

Aleeza said...

Great outfit and loving that bag! Very into structured bags right now. Also loving your lip colour x

The Love Hanger said...

Yay you got the Easy jean! I'm so glad you like them! You know what's funny? When I tried on the disco pants in store, the Large seemed tight and the Large in the Easy jean seemed so loose. When I bought them online, I got the Large in the disco and they ended up being loose and Large in the Easy and they ended up being tight! I guess there's room for error in the garments. But either way, they are both loose now because I've lost weight. But I still haven't worn the easy jean on my blog! LOL.

I love them on you though. High waist jeans are my favorite! And I love your pretty pink lipstick. So jealous of your flawless skin! Hope you have a great weekend lady! <3



Nice outfit! I love the bag.

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Nancy said...

lovely look. I love the bag!! It's so classic in shape and functional!

Wardrobe To My Life said...

loving all your looks as of late, this is one of my favourites :)

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