Monday, March 19, 2012


Jeans: Gap
Striped Blouse: Vero Moda
Sweater: Forever 21
Jacket: ONLY
Shoes: Forever 21
Nail Polish: Essie - Turquoise & Caicos

Well, it WAS really nice weather for the past few days... then today it's back down to zero, it's cloudy, it's rainy, and it's gloomy! I think my outfit today reacted perfectly to the weather... then my polish colour brings hope for more spring-like weather conditions!

I had a wonderful weekend! Spent Saturday going to different pubs with a guy I recently started seeing to drink some irish beer, then I had a bunch of friends over to my place Saturday night and we played some drinking games. We then tried going to the bar, but the line-up was too long (luckily it's only a 30 second walk from my place!) so we just grabbed some pizza and chicken wings instead.

Thanks for reading! xo


the creation of beauty is art. said...

I'm glad you had such a great weekend! I love that sweater!

Elizabeth Monroc said...

I thinks you are such a beautiful girl, your nails are awesome (in other posts of yours ive been checking) your style is really fresh and amazing and i love what you are doing with your blog with those graphic designs!!! Really amazing blog first one of the day that really surprises me =)

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crayola actually said...

sounds like you had a lovely weekend :) and i love this outfit, a new favorite of mine, so chic i love the vero moda blouse under your sweater.



Dylana Suarez said...

Looking so cool! Love this!


crayola actually said...

haha! i loved little j, so sad she left the show :( i kinda stopped watching after she left. you should definitely go, just for fun and a couple of laughs, and it would be hilarious if she would actually get angry. since shes still an angsty teen, i'm guessing she would haha!!



SABINNA and DAVID said...

very lovely outfit!

xx, Sabinna and David
Broken Cookies

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