Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Colour Love: Orange

It has been AGES since I've updated. I really apologize! The reasoning behind this is that I started repeating outfits and was beginning to lose inspiration for what to wear. So, I've been spending my time on the internet to become inspired again, and I must say, I'm LOVING orange for spring. I have an orange skater-style dress that I bought in the fall, but it fits a little bit snug. I'm hoping that by the time the snow melts and the temperature rises I'll be able to wear it comfortably! How would you style orange? I quite like Le Fashion Monster's idea of pairing it with leopard print heels and a leopard print belt. I also love Diya's burnt orange vintage blazer with the floral print dress! 

We're having a bit of a blizzard today, so I'm calling it a snow day! You can barely see a few feet ahead of you outside, and the snow just keeps coming. My car looks like it's stuck in my parking lot, and I'm not  brave enough to shovel it out.

Stay warm folks! Here's one of my favourite songs to listen to in the winter to warm your heart.

How Come You Never Go There by Feist


JennaStevie said...

I love orange too, it's so fun and happy. It's also my older brother's favourite colour, the only time he's ever complimented my nail polish was when it was bright orange.
Yeah it looks like winter out there here too

crayola actually said...

awesome post! and i too know what you mean by loosing inspiration. i feel like i'm in a slump and always do at this time of year when winter's comming to an end. i'm just so sick of layering on pieces where i feel like i just want to leave the house in my pj's haha. and i'm beginning to like orange this spring too but i'm still a little haunted by it after having to wear an orange cardigan everyday for work when i was at joe fresh :/ hahah. and yayy!! happy that you're back :)



Hong Nhung Ta said...

how about following each other? :)
as soon as I find you in my follower list, I'll follow you back!

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