Friday, March 16, 2012


Shirt: Urban Outfitters
Shorts: DIY (made from Dish jeans)
Shoes: Forever 21

I'm a short-making ADDICT. It's so much fun - and you can make whatever you want, with whatever colour combos. I need need need some more old jeans that I can tear apart.

I'm so excited for it to be summer. I can't wait for all the rooftop patios at the bars where I can drink sangria, to go running by the river, for Las Vegas for May long weekend (my sister-in-law-to-be's bachelorette party and my birthday), my brother's wedding in Toronto in June/July... so much to look forward to! I really want to have a great summer, I'm ready for a ton of fun. AND THE CLOTHES! I loooove summer fashion.

What clothing items are you most excited for summer?

Thanks for reading! xo

Brush The Heat by Peacefrog Records


JennaStevie said...

WOW you're gunna have a crazy amazing summer!! That's so awesome. I love your shorts and this top is AMAZING, love it.

crayola actually said...

I'm excited for the dresses, skirts, and shorts! and not having to lug a winter coat around :) and i'm super jealous of your short making skills! these look fantastic.



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