Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Black Sweater: Old Navy
Black Blazer: H&M
Camel Bodycon Skirt: Forever 21
Red Scarf: Forever 21
Bag: ebay
Rings: jwlry

Sorry for the poor quality of photos! I've been having a tough time doing photos at the right time of day! I really wish I would be less shy and could just take my tripod and go out somewhere to do my photos - outdoor ones are so much nicer... Maybe some day! I'm going to Houston TX in 3 weeks, where the weather will be nice!!! None of the Canadian winter!! So while I'm there I'll have my family take photos for me...

Yesterday was a pretty random day... Great - but random. I ended up at a blues club where Big Dave McLean was playing... he's this awesome blues singer/musician from Winnipeg... I just love him! He's playing for free at this club until Saturday, so my friend and I have plans to go back tomorrow.

I have a paper due tomorrow that I'm working on right now, and it's actually a really interesting subject, so I don't think it will take me long to finish it! I'm writing on understanding the power dynamics in local societies in developing countries - so I have to analyze a framework for evaluating development programs and projects. I'm probably the only one who finds this fascinating.... haha

Thanks for reading everyone! All of your comments have made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. :)


Tonya said...

You're so pretty! I really love your style too. This outfit is wonderful, I love the simplicity.
New follower for sure :)

BelaLugosi said...

Beautiful pics! :)

Hybrid Hunter said...

I love your hair, girl! <3 your blog. I'm following you now, will you follow me? :)

Hybrid Hunter

lilly lia said...

thank you for your lovely comment. i adore your scarf!! xo

crayola actually said...

Raquel you look soo cute! I really like your scarf and ebay bag. It looks to be of good quality. I've been thinking of ordering a bag too but was worried about it looking too much like plastic. And I wore the skirt with my Jeffrey Campbell Litas. I'm too short so if I don't pair it with 5 inch heels, the skirt would drag on the floor haha.



RockingStyle said...

Hey! I like your skirt,the colour is great.
And your haircut ahahha



b and e said...

You really look great! Nice blog. I love everything blogs - my friend who lives across country (Australia) and I have a blog similar which I think you will like -- given that I like yours!

Okay back to browsing your blog...


Emmmaaa said...

wow, you remind me of Felicity Jones, that actress :O.

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